Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ok, well here we are another week, another deep sigh.....whooosh! We are so grateful and humbly overwhelmed with all of you who have ventured through our shop and given us the verbal and spiritual support to trod through these first few weeks of developing those everlasting relationships with the "IRS", the "CITY", the "FIRE DEPT.", the joyous "BANKING SYSTEM", and all those other organizations that seemingly try to make opening a new business just a little slightly challenging. Mucho Kudos to our favorite accountant, you are the greatest and could not have done it without you!!!! As well as all of you invaluable friends & family who we can't express enough the gratitude in which we feel!!! Thanks again.
Anyway, with no ado we move forward with blood, sweat & tears on these vintage beauties to restore them back to their origins, but most importantly their "sentimental" nostalgic value. Which in my opinion is, and as "THEY" say "PRICELESS".
Cool motoring to all you guys & gals!
Don't forget to check us out at the Barber Vintage Festival. We will have a booth set up at the swap meet next to our friends "Garage Co. Customs". Look forward to seeing you there and don't miss the "Femme Fatale" in the Cafe' Bike Show on Sat. 10/10. We would love to have you there to cheer her on!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just wanted to give everyone a peek at some of the current restorations at the shop; 1918 Indian Board Tracker, 1964 Triumph Tiger w/custom sidecar, 1981 Honda XR80 and 1980 Husqvarna 390 Automatic.

Current Restorations

Just wanted to give everyone a peek at some of the current restorations at the shop; 1918 Indian Board Tracker, 1964 Triumph Tiger w/custom side car, 1981 Honda XR80, and 1980 Husqvarna 390 Automatic. Check out some pics.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Huge Success for Garage Co. Customs Open House

To all of you fantastic motorcycle enthusiasts out there, a HUGE Thank You for your support on Saturday night for "Garage Co. Customs" open house. We were more than pleased to be on hand for their event as the music was great (I believe the music was spun by aka DJ Chris), the "red devil dogs" were delish (thanks Larry, you mastered that grill), the smokin' burn-outs (with Spencer winning hands down), and a huge variety of machines! Anyway, I don't think there is actually a thing as "too much fun", so between us & Garage Co. we may just make this a more regular event. So, stay posted for further updates on bikes, buns (hotdog) and tunes. You will be the first to know! Going to make an attempt to post a few pics of the fun. Enjoy! See a few pics below.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Garage Co. Customs Open House Announcement

Want to let everyone know that our neighbor's "Garage Company Customs" is having their open house this Sat. 9/12/09 @ 5:30. Address: 200 Bearden Road, Pelham 35124. There will be a number of wicked bikes to look at, drinks, hotdogs, and best of all great people! They are some very cool people that build some very cool bikes. We will be on hand to give them our support, so come on by to check them out and you will have a chance to take a peek at our new shop next door as well. See you there. Vehicles of all kinds welcome, 2 or 4 wheels!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Website Up & Running!

Greetings to all. Wanted to bring the news to you that our website is now officially up & running. You're welcome to contact us with any questions or information. We would love to hear from you and get your feedback or answer any of your inquiries. Thanks to all those (you know who you are) for your support. We are so grateful and couldn't have done it without you! Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement for our Grand Opening Celebration date sometime in October. However, our shop is officially open and we once again invite you to stop by or give us a call! 205-663-3535 or check out our website

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey Everyone,
Thanks to those who have left us your recent posts and signed on to our blog. We are so stoked about the progress that we have made to our shop and can't wait for all you out there to stop by have a look and hang out for a bit. Also, please plan to stop by to see us at the Barber Vintage Festival as we will have a booth there in conjunction with Garage Co. Customs, October 9-11. Go to events@barbermuseum.org for event details & times. We will bring along a few custom vintage restorations for display and plan on handing our some freebies. So, come by and get to know us better, we would love to hear your stories and see what project you might be working on yourself. Also, watch for next blog announcement to come out with a date for a "Grand Opening" opening get together at our shop in Pelham (next to Garage Co. Customs). Don't be surprised if it falls right around the time of the Festival.
Remember, they are only old once! Cherish the historic beauty of those good old' timey gems!